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How to Remove Garage Door Rust

02/23/2014 Back To Blog

All Garage Door parts which are made of metal are at risk of rusting. Rust can cause serious damage and pose a serious risk of accidents. If you do not take timely measures to remove the rust, you may be forced to replace panels, metal parts and possibly the entire system. In order to avoid this, you should provide proper inspection and rust removal right away to avoid serious and costly damage repair.

Efficient Rust Removal Made Easy


IHow to Remove Garage Door Rustt is important to note that the following rust removal tips are only for metal door panels and other fixed parts. If your moving parts such as the Garage Door Rollers or wheels have rusted, they should be replaced as soon as possible. Doing this could help prevent further damage, while ensuring the proper operation of the door and keeping the system perfectly safe.

Before you commence any work or repair, you must disconnect the Garage Door Opener from the power source which it is connected to. Then you need to wash the panel affected by rust with warm water and a dishwashing liquid. That way, any grease on the panel will be effectively removed. Your next task is to remove the rust with the use of vinegar and steel wool. Apply the vinegar to the affected area and then scrub vigorously with the steel wool until you see metal shine on the surface.

Once the rust has been removed, you need to prevent future rusting. For this, you have to sand the affected area and apply an appropriate primer. The primers containing chrome and zinc are the best ones since they can provide the highest possible level of protection and prevent the need for Garage Door Panel Repair. The primer is applied with a basic paint brush, covering all affected areas. You should cover the area with rust resistant paint as well to prevent further damage.

With these tips, you can keep the panels and other parts in working and functional condition while avoiding a full Garage Door Replacement.

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