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Garage Door Springs

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The significance of Garage Door Springs is irrefutable. They are major parts of garage mechanisms since they are responsible for the opening of the door. They have enormous tension stored when the door remains closed and this energy is used to open the door. Thanks to this amazing power of overhead door springs the door also remains open at any point above the floor and doesn't slide down. It also comes down at a certain speed. Although the speed with which the overhead door moves is set and adjusted by the opener, if it weren't for the springs and cables the door would slide down with force.

Garage Door Springs in ItascaThere are two basic spring types. The extension garage door springs are very common among average size and weight doors and the torsion springs are used for heavier ones. The former ones counterbalance the door and that's the main reason why they are mounted at the two sides of the panel. Their coils stretch to close the door and compress to open it. The torsion spring garage door system has a shaft and turns only on one side. At the other side, the spring remains stationary and this movement develops torque and this is the spring's power to open the door.

We service springs with care

Everyone at Garage Door Repair Itasca is a specialist in either spring type. We are familiar with all brands and the peculiarities of Clopay torsion springs. In addition, they adeptly repair and install galvanized and oil tempered springs plus advice customers to have both extension springs replaced so they obtain equal power at both sides of the door. Undoubtedly, our wealth of experience in garage door repair services is tremendous.

We have been servicing springs for decades and know how careful we must be when replacing and adjusting them. Our diligent team is particularly careful out of respect to your property but rest assured that we have great expertise in garage door spring repair. Garage Door Springs attends swiftly to all your needs and are the best in spring adjustment, replacement, and all services concerning them. Email us your any issues or concerns you encounter!

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